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April 2016

Adieu to the 2015-16 Ski Season and to Gracies!

The ski season is down to its last gasp. Of course for many the season ended a month or more ago. This winter’s weather and lack of real snowstorms had left most people ready to move on to summer activities…. Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 19

At what Stowe restaurant did Paul “Archie” Archdeacon meet his wife Sue?

Joe Dodge – “The Mayor of Porky Gulch”

When I was growing up, my family always ate breakfast together on weekday mornings. While we were having breakfast, we listened to the local Conway radio station, WBCN, primarily for the daily weather forecast. That forecast was called into the… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 18

Who was known as “The Mayor of Porky Gulch?”

Kastle Skis

I started skiing in the 1950s which meant I started on wooden skis. I’ve written about Northland skis and how Northland became the largest ski maker in the world. Their hickory skis combined relatively good performance and durability for a… Continue Reading →

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