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Trivia 2018 Week 3

When was the first snowmaking installed on Mt Mansfield? (Note: the first snowmaking at Stowe was on the Spruce side, but when did it expand to Mansfield?)

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Lift Lines Succumb to High Speed Lifts!

I’ll start with a follow-up from last week’s column about the Mt. Mansfield Lift-Exchange Ticket Books. I received a note from Steve Berry after last week’s column was submitted to the Reporter. Steve had the correct answer that it took … Continue reading

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Trivia 2018 Week 2

What year did the first high speed quad replace the old Mansfield single and double chairs at Stowe?

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Mount Mansfield Lift-Exchange Ticket Books

Last week my wife and I were skiing the Quad on Mount Mansfield at what I’d term a moderate rate. That is, we were skiing at moderate speed and stopping briefly at the usual stopping spots. We were getting about … Continue reading

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