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Trivia 2018 Week 3

When was the first snowmaking installed on Mt Mansfield? (Note: the first snowmaking at Stowe was on the Spruce side, but when did it expand to Mansfield?)

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Lift Lines Succumb to High Speed Lifts!

I’ll start with a follow-up from last week’s column about the Mt. Mansfield Lift-Exchange Ticket Books. I received a note from Steve Berry after last week’s column was submitted to the Reporter. Steve had the correct answer that it took … Continue reading

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Trivia 2018 Week 2

What year did the first high speed quad replace the old Mansfield single and double chairs at Stowe?

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Mount Mansfield Lift-Exchange Ticket Books

Last week my wife and I were skiing the Quad on Mount Mansfield at what I’d term a moderate rate. That is, we were skiing at moderate speed and stopping briefly at the usual stopping spots. We were getting about … Continue reading

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Trivia 2018 Week 1

In the RetroSki days, Stowe sold a ticket book containing coupons that could be used for single rides up the lifts.  Different lifts required a different number of coupons. How many coupons were required for a ride up the Mt. … Continue reading

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Change. We humans are kind of ambivalent about change. We’re all for change until it affects us and then somehow it’s different. Actually this column is all about our reaction to change, well at least as it pertains to skiing. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 RetroSki Season!

The ski season is underway and so is RetroSki! Columns (Posts) will begin on November 30th!

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Junior Bounous

When Snowbird opened in 1971, Junior Bounous was named as head of the ski school. It was a natural choice. Bounous was a native Utahn and he had learned to be a ski instructor under Alf Engen at Alta, eventually … Continue reading

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Trivia 2017 Week 20

Junior Bounous was inducted into the United States Ski Hall of Fame in 1996. What is his real first name?

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Sugar Slalom

According to Charlie Lord, the first Sugar Slalom was held on April 30, 1939. It had been a good season and the general feeling was that there should be a special event to mark the season’s end. If it was … Continue reading

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