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Trivia 2024 Week 10

We’re approaching the 60th anniversary of Billy Kidd winning the Silver medal in the 1964 Olympic slalom. So in anticipation, this week’s trivia question is: Who won the men’s Gold in the slalom at the 1964 Winter Olympics?

Trivia 2024 Week 9

Who shot Spider Sabich?

Trivia 2024 Week 8

What lost Vermont ski area was called “Little Stowe” by ski writer Bob Curley of the Passaic, New Jersey, “Herald News” in 1955?

Trivia 2024 Week 7

Let’s go back to 1967 when the first overall World Cups were awarded. Who won the men’s 1967 overall World Cup? Who won the women’s?

Trivia 2024 Week 6

T Bob Lange was one of the first to develop a plastic ski boot and his boots are still one of the leading brands found on the slopes today. But our trivia question is about another plastic boot pioneer. What… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2024 Week 5

What ski boot manufacturer used the slogan “Are you still lacing while others are racing?”

Trivia 2024 Week 4

What Vermont ski area had a trail named Scotch Mist?

Trivia 2024 Week 3

What ski area did SKI (formerly known as SKI Magazine) recently rate as #1 in the East?

Trivia 2024 Week 2

Who did Wayne Wong refer to as “the Founding Father of Freestyle Skiing?”

Trivia 2024 Week 1

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum’s ( new exhibit is on the Lost Ski Areas of Vermont! I plan to include trivia about some of these lost Vermont areas during this Retro-Ski season starting with this week: Where was the… Continue Reading →

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