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Dick Buek

We’ve all been there. You’re skiing along in control and then something happens. Maybe it’s an icy spot; maybe it’s a bump; maybe you’re leaning too far inside; or leaning too far back; or maybe a snow snake bit you…. Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 3

The 1952 National Alpine Championships were held in Stowe. Who was the United States National Downhill Champion? (Note: That means the top finishing U.S. racer in the downhill.)

The Real American Downhiller

Last spring thanks to Ski Essential’s weekly Top 5 Fridays email blast, I came across a video entitled “The American Downhiller.” It chronicles via footage and interviews some of the history of U.S. male skiers who have dedicated themselves to… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 2

Who was the first American to win the Hahnenkamm downhill?

Green Mountains, White Gold

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My wife and I snuck in a couple of runs Thanksgiving morning before heading off for our turkey. Speaking of turkeys, based on the abilities of the folks skiing Thanksgiving morning and where… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 1

Who made the first documented skiing descent of Mount Mansfield? And for a bonus, in what year was it?

Thankful for Skiing!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m back for another season of skiing history and trivia. For the second year in a row, this early winter has a “Retro” feel to it: cold weather and early snow! Hopefully it’s the harbinger for a good… Continue Reading →

The 2018-19 Season Wrap Up

First, some follow-up on a topic I wrote about a few weeks back. I had recounted our experience in Utah during January and February with traffic-related problems. On April 15th Michael Maughan, President and General Manager of the Alta Ski… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2019 Week 20

What is the record snow depth set in the 1968-69 season at the Mount Mansfield stake?

Alta at 80

I’m heading for the High Traverse at Alta. It hasn’t snowed in a while so I have a choice of several traverse lines. I take the low one since I’m going all the way to the end. The lack of… Continue Reading →

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