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January 2012

Trivia Week 10

What ski company first introduced a ski with an aluminum honeycomb core?

The “Shape” of Things to Come

Last Saturday I was loading my skis into the rack on one of the gondola cars and in the slot next to mine was this pair of long, skinny skis.  I thought for a minute that someone was on cross… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 9

What was the first company to produce a “shaped” ski?

Your Mother Was Wrong!

When I was a kid, every time I wanted to go outside on an extra cold day my mother would insist that I wear an extra pair of socks.  This even applied to skiing.  And we’re talking those thick, ribbed… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 8

What company first introduced the neck gaiter?  A bonus if you can identify what year it was introduced.

What were your most memorable Skis?

What was the most memorable ski you ever owned?  And I mean “memorable” in a positive sense.  I’m hoping you’ll share your most memorable skis by posting a comment! Let me start things off by sharing my most memorable ski:… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 7

How did hart skis get their name?

Alden Hanson and Some Reader Feedback

What do a fan-type snow gun, Lange-Flo, and Hanson ski boots have in common?  They were all invented by the same person: Alden Hanson!  Hanson was the chief scientist for Dow Chemical and a prolific inventor.  He patented the initial… Continue Reading →

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