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March 2014

Trivia 2014 Week 15

Who built Stowe’s first rope tow?

Northland Skis

My junior year in high school my parents bought me a pair of skis. As I’ve chronicled in this column before, buying me a new pair of skis was an annual event since I couldn’t seem to make it through… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2014 Week 14

What former ski company known for its wooden skis went out of business even though Stein Eriksen designed some of their skis?

“Volkl, mit ein Umlaut!”

What ski company made the Zebra-Ski? There were many readers who knew that it was Volkl that introduced the Zebra-Ski in 1967. The first person to post the correct answer on my blog was regular RetroSki contributor Gary Tomlinson from… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2014 Week 13

What ski company made The Zebra-Ski?


Have you ever suffered from chair-anoia? Chair-anoia is the fear of skiing under chairlifts because you think that people are watching you ski – no, make that judging your skiing! If you have ever experienced that fear, you were right:… Continue Reading →

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