Trivia 2014 Week 14

What former ski company known for its wooden skis went out of business even though Stein Eriksen designed some of their skis?

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  1. Bill Austin says:

    I looked through a copy of your book today. Really interesting. I lived through a lot of what is in it. I have a pair of the Tey Engineering skis… them from my dad….he bought them new through Abercrombe & Fitch ! I know where there are two pother pair. I grew up skiing at Mohawk and other local areas…..with lots of time at Otis Ridge Ski Camp in the 60’s
    When I was first instructing at Mt. Southington in CT. in the early/mid 80’s one of our ‘lifties’ worked at OLIN and showed up with one of the first three pair of ‘Albert’s , not yet named…….painted matte black with ‘TEST’ on the top at the tip and tail. Olin did not want them back after we all played on them. I have them to this day.

  2. David Carter says:


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