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The Great Winooski River Raft Race!

The end of the ski season always leaves a void. It can put you in a bad mood or make you depressed unless you can find something to fill the void! I don’t know for a fact, but I’m guessing … Continue reading

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Trivia 2015 Week 19

What year was the last Winooski River Raft Race held?

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How Long Was Your Ski Season?

We’re in the final days of the ski season here in Stowe and conditions couldn’t be much better. When the area closes on April 19th there probably will be plenty of snow left on the trails. I’m sure there will … Continue reading

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Trivia 2015 Week 18

What is the latest closing date in Stowe’s history?

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Karl Schranz

Jean Claude Killy’s retirement after the 1967-68 season meant there was no favorite to win the overall World Cup the following season. Would some of the young French racers rise to the occasion? Or maybe some of the young Austrians? … Continue reading

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