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March 2016

Trivia 2016 Week 17

What ski brand marketed a model called the Asymetric – each ski had one edge with a slalom side cut and the other with a GS side cut?

Mad River Glen

A couple of weeks back Mad River Glen announced that it was closing for the season after only 45 days of operation. The sign at the entrance to the ski area said it all in one word: “Uncle!” Yes, it’s… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 16

What ski area founder stated his vision as ” …a ski area is not just a place of business, a mountain amusement park, as it were. Instead it is a winter community whose members, both skiers and area personnel, are… Continue Reading →

Warren Witherell

It was in March 1975 that I arrived in Vail for a week of skiing with friends who were “ski bumming” there for the winter. On the first day, one of those friends, Herb, and I rode up the Lions… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 15

Who wrote an article entitled “If You Can’t Ski Parallel….Cant!”?

Waterville Valley

The 1966-67 ski season was the first for the Waterville Valley ski area and I was a junior at the University of New Hampshire. My first visit to the new area made a big impression on me because everything was… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 14

The current Waterville Valley ski area was founded in 1966 and next season will be its fiftieth. However their ski club, the BBTS, dates back to 1934. What does BBTS stand for?

1969 World Cup

In a column last season I mentioned that the 1969 overall World Cup trophy won by Karl Schranz somehow ended up in a barn in Hinesburg, Vermont! I promised a future column explaining how that came to pass. “Ski Racing”… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2016 Week 13

What woman with ties to Stowe won the overall 1969 FIS World Cup for women?

Art Furrer

All through my college years I skied on wooden skis, Northlands to be precise. That was an economic decision based on what I could afford and the fact that a neighbor worked for Northland in their Laconia, New Hampshire, factory…. Continue Reading →

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