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That’s a Wrap!

This brings another Retro-Ski season to an end. Thank you to all my readers. I appreciate your feedback, it keeps me going! This year I’ll wrap up the season with a quote from 104 year old Klaus Obermeyer: “The longer… Continue Reading →

Smuggs Apres-Ski Nostalgia

The Mountain Road here in Stowe is known for its après ski establishments! A skiing buddy of mine, the late John Fox, had been on the ski patrol at Glen Ellen before joining the Mount Mansfield Ski Patrol. He always… Continue Reading →

FIS at 100

Wow! This ski season is going out with a bang! Getting arguably our biggest snowfall of the season in April triggered memories of another big April storm from years ago! Friends will tell you I have often shared stories of… Continue Reading →

Head, Hart, and Kastle

The 1960 American International Ski Race program included articles on a variety of topics. One article was entitled “The Metal Ski” and I believe it was written by the editor Frank Springer-Miller since there was no other byline. The article… Continue Reading →

1960 American International Ski Races

Frank Springer lent me a copy of the program for the 1960 American International Alpine Ski Races held in Stowe. The program was designed and edited by his grandfather Frank Springer-Miller. Frank Springer-Miller arrived in New York City in the… Continue Reading →

1994 Winter Olympics and a Pet Peeve

I have found a new “pet peeve” this ski season. Regular readers of this column may remember for the past couple of seasons my “pet peeve” has been people who don’t look up the hill before starting down the trail!… Continue Reading →

1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics

A couple of weeks ago a news story caught my attention about the Mahre brothers winning gold and silver in the slalom at the 1984 Olympics. Actually the story was about the celebration of the 40th anniversary of that event… Continue Reading →

Perry Merrill

At least once every ski season when I’m skiing the gondola, I hear somebody say “Let’s take Perry Merrill, whoever that was?” The wording may be slightly different, but the meaning is the same. If they are unlucky enough to… Continue Reading →

Olympics, Farming and More

This column is going to be a medley of unrelated topics. And I’m going to start with a topic that isn’t about skiing or history, although it may be about history in the making. While Vermont has produced more than… Continue Reading →

Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins Jr. is one of the few, maybe even the only person to have literally built a ski area from the ground up. Most people start with a mountain or a hill, but Jenkins turned a flat piece of… Continue Reading →

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