Trivia Week 3

Where was the first chairlift in the world and when did it begin operation?

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  1. Pete Davis says:

    Great article recounting the days of rope tow and t-bar terrors!
    The old North Slope T-Bar was always a challenge, especially for a pre-teen passenger.
    Jay had a real roller coaster that ran up the side of Haynes.
    My wife and I are convinced that it was more tiring getting up the mountain than it was skiing down back in the old rope tow and t-bar days!

    The first chairlift opened on Dollar Mountain, Sun Valley, Idaho in December, 1936.
    It was an adaptation of a banana boat loading tram.

  2. mike says:


    Enjoyed your story on long thongs.That brought back some memories. Why did I think it was cool to have them 6 feet long. They were a pain on the old barrcrafters ski rack on top of my Dad’s Buick Vista station wagon. They were always loosening up and slapping the roof. Maybe every 15- 20 minutes. I can remember having the toe piece release and seeing the ski cart wheeling around my head.

    I think the answer is Cubco bindings . They had the horz springs in the front back. In theory the toe piece would released in any direction.
    I do remember the plates screwed onto the bottom of the books were slippery on tile or linoleum floods and awkward.


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