Trivia Week 17

When did Alta’s neighboring ski area, Snowbird, begin operation?

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  1. Bud Kassel says:

    Greg: First of all, good talking with you the other day about current snow at Alta/Snowbird…. and the olde days too.
    Per your question: I have perused Dick Bass’s comments in his book “Seven Summits” and conclude that he must have opened Snowbird in the winter of ’71-’72. So I’d offer the guess that the area opened for business in Nov or Dec of 1971.

    • Greg Morrill says:

      You are correct! It was December of 1971.

      Always good talking with you as well and thanks for your response.

  2. Bud Kassel says:

    Greg: my guess is that Snowbird opened in Nov or Dec of 1971.

  3. Rick Rowell says:

    Total side comment. I worked at Vail at Lionshead in ’73 – ’75. We took side trips to other areas. In ’73, we went to Snowbird because Utah was buried in new snow. I had just exited the Tram and was studying the trail map at the head of the bowl. Everyone had headed down slope except for one gentlemen and me.

    We began a short conversation about Utah skiing. He said he owned a small area nearby. Yes, it was Robert Redford scoping out the competition. He was much shorter in person they I had imagined. Very personable though.

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