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Trivia Week 18

Who was President of Mount Mansfield Lift Inc. that built the original Stowe single chairlift?

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Serge Lang and the World Cup

Skiing started in Europe long before the United States got into the act.  The early U.S. ski industry including ski areas relied heavily on transplanted Europeans.  There are still more than twice as many skiers in Europe than here in … Continue reading

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Trivia Week 17

In what year were the first overall World Cups awarded in Alpine Skiing?  And as a bonus who were the men’s and women’s winners?

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The Ticket Turkey

Will RFID technology mean the extinction of the “Ticket Turkey”?  You know, the Ticket Turkey is that guy with every lift ticket he ever bought still attached to his parka.  And when the rest of us see him we say … Continue reading

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Trivia Week 16

What ski area was the first to use ticket wickets?  And a more difficult bonus, what was the name of the inventor of the ticket wicket?

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Whistler, British Columbia

This week’s column was supposed to begin: “Greetings from Whistler, British Columbia!”  But due to unfortunate circumstances our trip had to be delayed. Alta Lake was the original name for what we now call Whistler and it became a summer … Continue reading

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Trivia Week 15

How did Whistler get its name?

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Loveland Pass

U.S. Route 6 runs east-west across Colorado.  From the 1940s into the 1960s it was the main route for skiers going from Denver to Aspen, Vail, or other Colorado ski areas.  For many of us Easterners, Route 6 was our … Continue reading

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