Trivia 2019 Week 19

The lift attendants manage every lift line at the resort with the call of “front row!” What ski area is it?

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  1. Mike Nash says:

    Deer Valley!

    We just returned from there and Park City about a week ago.

  2. Bill Kornrumpf says:

    I believe that it is Alta. They have been managing the lift lines there with that call since Gina and I have been going out west in 1986. I could believe others have been doing it also, but that is where I’ve seen it used. Most areas are just merging lines now without the manual intervention of an attendant.

  3. Stu Masters says:

    Alta has been calling “front row” for years. No climbing over skis, no pushing ahead instead of alternating with the skier line that’s merging with your line, no trying to make a right angle turn when 50 other skiers are fanned out around a single entry into line. Everyone in the “front row” moves a few feet forward, then each “group” makes a right angle turn and follows the group in front to the chair. It may be old world, but it’s very civilized at arguably the best place in the US to reach the top of a lift, traverse, hike, and climb a little to reach the best goods of the day.

  4. Pat Ostrowski says:

    Snowmass! It’s been a long time, but I remember “something” like that about being in the lift- line at Snowmass. circa ’85.

  5. Alan Bol says:

    I’ve heard it at A-Basin, too.

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