Trivia Week 6

What boot manufacturer used the slogan “Are you still lacing while others are racing?”

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  1. Bob Burley says:

    I believe the “lacing vs. racing” slogan was for the Henke Speed-Fit boots. If that be the case, the racers somewhat disparagingly referred to them as “Stinky sh**t fits”.

    REF Wk 5 trivia: I was fortunate enough to have Molitor #128’s – the moli with the lace up back as well as the front. Also a fore runner of the lace up inner boot. WRT the “adjustment phase” I found “tension laces” to be quiet effective. They were basically a form of early “bungee cord” that simply tightened throughout the day. The heck with comfort!

  2. Greg Morrill says:

    You are correct that it was Henke. Love the racers’ version, I’ll have to incorporate that somehow!

    Good stuff on the “tension laces” also. I wasn’t aware of those, but they make sense.

    Thanks for reading and contributing!

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