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January 2011

Wooden Skis

The word “ski” is derived from the old Norse word skíð which means stick of wood.  And for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, skis were just that: sticks of wood. The Norwegians not only get credit for the word, but… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 10

In what city and state was the first Head Ski factory located?

Raichle Fiber Jets

1968 Raichle Red Boot ad in SKIING Magazine The Raichle Fiber Jet (aka Red Hot) was the first boot to break the color barrier.  Introduced in 1968 the bright red Raichle Fiber Jet was a conversation starter in lift lines… Continue Reading →


The first generally available plastic boots were introduced in 1965.  There was the Lange boot, a familiar name today, but there was also a less familiar name: Rosemount! The Rosemount company located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, was (and is) a… Continue Reading →

Tom and Irene

For the past couple of posts I’ve been writing about leather ski boots.  Saturday, January 8th, I was on the Perry Merrill trail when I spied a pair, well actually two pairs, of leather boots!  I chased the couple down and… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 9

What is the origin of the word “ski”?  We use the word constantly, but why is a ski called a ski?

Trivia Week 8

No column in the Stowe Reporter this week as they ran out of space, but here’s a trivia question in case anyone visits:  Many of the ski boot companies that made leather ski boots are no longer in existence –… Continue Reading →

Buckle Boots

Henke Buckle Leather Ski Boot  “Are you still lacing while others are racing?”  Bob Burley was the first to identify this as the great advertising slogan used for the Henke Speed-Fit boot.  He also included the disparaging nickname racers of… Continue Reading →

Trivia Week 7

What was the first ski boot to break the color barrier?  The exterior color of ski boots had always been black (or leather brown in the older days.)  Even the first plastic boots maintained the black color until….

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