Trivia Week 10

Head Ski LogoIn what city and state was the first Head Ski factory located?

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  1. Pete Stangel says:

    I remember writing a class paper on Head skis . I believe Timonium Maryland was where they were built.

  2. Greg Morrill says:

    You are correct! It’s such a memorable name. I’m sure that’s why Head included it in their early advertisements.

    When did you write your paper? Did you uncover any surprising facts?

    Thanks for participating!

  3. Bob Burley says:

    While Head was certainly a pioneer and Timonium a memorable town, it might be a little fun to play around with the wooden skis a little as well. In the 1950’s and 1960’s there were basically 4 events for competition: Slalom, Downhill, Jumping and Cross Country. To make a Vermont scholastic team, an athlete was required to compete in at least 3/4 events. Different skis were used for each and until roughly 1964 all were wood. Beginning in 1963-4, Kneissl offered the White Star for expert recreational skiers and the Red Star for Racers using a fiberglass reinforced torsion box. These were held to be the first torsion box skis — still the preferred construction for the today’s high performance race skis. Metal skis, while very forgiving, were felt to lack the necessary torsional rigidity.

    So, to your question — while my first skis were C. A. Lund WW-II surplus in the hills behind our farm (no concession for being less than full sized adult) my first high school competition skis: Slalom = Northland FIS, Downhill = Rosskopf Panzers, Cross Country = C. A Lund WW-II surplus cut down on a bandsaw, Jumping = A&T. Lengths were considerably longer than today – again a reflection of the need for torsional rigidity to achieve stability and edge hold.

    Holy Cow are we really that old?

  4. John Easton says:

    My first skis at the University of Colorado were Head Standards and I remember quite well the name Timonium, Maryland. For some reason it was unique enough that I remembered that name for years. Little did I know one day I would be living there.

    A few years ago my wife and I decided to sell our large house in the City of Baltimore and move to the suburbs. We ended up in Timonium. Few people in Baltimore seem to recall that Howard Head had his factory in Timonium and I have yet to meet anyone who can tell me where it was.

    Howard’s widow, Martha Head, kept their Baltimore home for many years, but I think she has lived in Vail full time for several years.

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