Trivia Week 11

What was the name of the first successful all fiberglass ski?  That’s the brand name of the ski, not who developed it.

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  1. Pete Stangel says:

    I’m pretty sure it was the Kneissel White Star.

    • Greg Morrill says:

      I believe the White Star came out in 1960 and while it used fiberglass, it still had a wood core. The first all-fiberglass ski actually came out in 1959.

  2. Jack Pickett says:

    I am thinking the Molnar co out of Canada Toni Sailor put his name on them

    • Greg Morrill says:

      You are correct! Art Molnar and Fred Langendorf invented and built the ski out of Montreal. They successfully obtained Toni Sailer’s endorsement and use of his name which helped the ski succeed.

      Thanks for participating!!

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