Trivia Week 12

Look Nevada Toe Piece

Look Nevada Toe Piece

Most people consider the Look Nevada toe-piece to be the first modern release binding.  In what year was the Look Nevada created?  And as a bonus: who was the inventor?

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  1. Don Simonds says:

    Seeing no one else has, I thought I would take a “WAG” stab at this trivia question.

    Having done some very low key, 50’s era club, USEASA and high school racing we were probably exposing ourselves even more to the frequent, often severe lower leg fractures of the day. About 1954 I had won a pair of Northland ‘Ski Free’ cable release bindings and hence always was a little concerned about the “Bear Traps” and long thongs which were used to give the leather boots more support.

    About 1959 I rounded up enough money to obtain some Marker turntable long thongs with their latest release toe piece to help alleviate this fear. I seem to also recollect that the Markers were not the first; I remember a local instructor had the first look binding in the area hence I will say 1958?

    I believe they were developed by a French company but cannot remember by whom.

    By the early ’60s I did have a pair of the original binding complete with the step-in release heel so perhaps my guess is a little early but I will stick with it eagerly awaiting the answer.

  2. David Carpenter says:

    1956 – Francois Beyl

    • Greg Morrill says:

      Beyl is correct. However his first model was created in 1950 (see this week’s column post.) I was very surprised that his design dated back that far! We’ve refined his ideas, but most modern toepieces are based on his concepts.

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