Trivia Week 13

It’s the mid 1960’s and you’re riding a chairlift over an intermediate trail.  You hear a metallic “thwangzzzzzzzz” on the trail below you.  What brand of binding just released?

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  1. bill barrier says:

    cubco bindings. loved those springs!

    • Greg Morrill says:

      You are correct! Thanks for contributing.

      We used to make fun of Cubcos, but in some respects they were ahead of their time!

  2. RUSS KING says:

    Cubco it is. The terrifying thing was when you pounded into a mogul and you heard that dreaded sound….. you know what was coming next ….!!

    On another subject I seem to remember an all Aluminum ski with a wood platform for binding mounting. This was right after the war…probably 1946. I saw it at Snow Ridge ski area on the tug hill plateau in NY state.I had assumed this was an early Head . What do you know about it.
    Russ King (81 and still enjoying Skiing THE MOUNTAIN.

    • Greg Morrill says:

      Thanks for your contribution! And it’s great that you’re still on the mountain!

      As for the aluminum ski, there was the ALU-60 which came out in 1947, but I’m not sure that it had a wooden binding-mount. I’ll have to check with a couple of my sources to see if they recognize the description.

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