Trivia Week 16

Which of Alta’s five lodges was the first to be built?  And as a bonus, what was its original name?

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  1. Greg Dirmaier says:

    Answer to this week’s question.
    Snowpine. Originally named Rock Shelter 1938.

    See web research below:

    The Snowpine was the first lodge in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was built in 1938 and was initially called the Rock Shelter. Its first purpose was as a warming shelter for day skiers and was not fully completed until the following summer. The Alta Lodge was constructed in late summer of 1940; the Rustler opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1947; and the Peruvian Lodge opened in 1948.

    • Greg Morrill says:

      Yes, you got it!

      We’ll be flying out Tuesday for a week. We’re staying at Snowbird (not the Snowpine), but will split our skiing between Alta and the Bird.

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