Trivia Week 9

What was the first company to produce a “shaped” ski?

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  1. Eric Ball says:

    I believe Elan made the first shaped ski. I had a pair of the SCX model.

  2. Bob DiMario says:

    Skis have always had a shape, although the older shapes were quite straight. The first modern “shaped skis” that I remember were made by two companies at about the same time. The most well known of those was Elan’s SCX (Side Cut Experimental). The other was a lesser known company, from out west I think, that marketed a ski brand known as the S-Ski. I remember skiing in a clinic in 1993 or 1994 with Warren Witherall on S-Skis at Stratton. I also believe that some of the World Cup slalom skis of around 1990-1991 were somewhat shaped in the modern sense, but were not generally available to the skiing public.

  3. Sandi Kuhl says:

    I’m late for the party, I know, but we get the Stowe Reporter mailed to us in PA and it took me a while to get to page 20 this week.
    I too think it was Elan that came out with the first “shaped” ski.
    Peter, who works at Stay Tuned at Stowe Mountain Resort, is a big fan of Elan skis which aren’t exactly popular on the mountain. My 16 year old daughter is on Elan’s Black Magic for her second season and is thrilled with their all mountain performance, especially in powder.
    Thanks for your writing, Greg, always interesting!

  4. R. Kurek says:

    I believe the first shaped ski I saw was the Atomic Arc, Green slalom racing ski. Later?, Head brought out the NTR, Natural Turning radius. The skis were 203, but turned like a 180cm.

  5. Scott Fennell says:

    Nice memories.
    I skied Vail, Aspen, and especially Aspen Highlands. And in the early 70’s the HighLands was definitely for long hair, weed, and insane freestyle jumps. I loved it there.
    The Jet Sticks I made with 3-4 paint stir sticks 12″ duct taped together with some thick solid padding, then I slid them between my boot and my liner. they changed everything in racing for me. In 1971 I won the NW division Slalom dual run race by; this is hard to believe 4sec per run. And the GS by well, only a second or so but I was 128lbs soaking wet.My very hi Jet Sticks were most likely the cause. It allowed you to power off your heel like nothing else before.
    So sad you didn’t mention Dynamic VR7 and VR17’s. The long ski of the decade. They also were my most memorable ski. Too bad they barely lasted a year. Today, well there is NOTHING like the Blizzard TiTan.

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