Trivia Week 12

Who developed the Arlberg Technique for ski instruction?

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  1. Gary Tomlinson says:

    Hannes Schneider

    i have a piar of Arlbeerg skis screwed to the door of one of my rental suites, they even have some bindings which look as though they used a small spoon which sat in a groove to prevent toe release. A picture can be provided if you want one

  2. bob burley says:

    Well, thinking about last week and the French ascendency in the 1960’s lets not forget Emile Allais who will turn 100 on 2/25/12. His Allais 60 metal downhill skis were highly coveted in 1960-1964. Then there was his promulgation of l’oef which revolutionized downhill racing.

    Vive Allais next week.

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