Trivia Week 19

Who is the ski racer whose story was captured in the movie “The Other Side of the Mountain”?

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  1. nancy tibbott twitty says:

    Jill Kinmont, sadly, at Alta, and here’s a few more names for other relics. I was supposed to race for Sun Valley, but erstwhile coach Nelson Bennett wouldn/t let me – injured knees wouldn’t handle c onditions. But I was standing right at the spot with Sally Neidlinger (Susan’s twin) from Hanover. It was horrifying – we could do nothing – I’ve not forgotten it in an equally horrid 57 years. There were several other bad crashes – lots of breaks – it was an Olympic tryout race. Training day had been warm and sugary; race day was FRIGID and my God it was FAST. We all felt they should have put slowing gates in the huge open shush before the 90 degree left turn. Jill was incredible before and after – the move was pretty accurate. Of course I knew your last quest – Roland was an old friend from Mad River in late 40s – with his friend Ragnar Naess – who I last saw racing downhill at Sun Valley around 1973-4 in Senior Ch. (Master’s). I thought at the time he was ancient – 90 or so – but Benny has superceded him by some. Like your column! machine has crashed…

  2. nancy tibbott twitty says:

    addendum – tried to fix errors, no go. “movie” not “move” was accurate

  3. Lyndall Heyer says:

    loved nancy’s input!!

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