Trivia 2012 Week 4

What famous skier from the past was the star in two U.S. network television series?

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  1. Raphael Martone says:

    Could be Jonny Moseley( Mogul Gold) on MTV

  2. Bill Doble says:

    According to a Wikipedia posting, Picabo Street has appeared on Nickleodeon GUTS (1994); Pyramid (2002) ; American Gladiators; Sesame Street and Stars Earn Stripes.

  3. Don Post says:

    Hi Greg,

    The answer for your trivia question this week – ‘Slow Dog Noodle’ and ‘Worm Turn’
    is Wayne Wong. Interestingly, the first time I met Wayne and saw the moves was in
    my first Freestyle competition in Waterville Valley, NH – and who was the head judge? None other than Jean Claude Killy!

    Thanks – your articles are fun and bring back lots of old skiing memories!

    Don Post

  4. Lisa Trubiano says:

    U want sexy go with Tomba.
    Killy was classic european chic/handsome like cary grant but Tomba had that Italian stuff going on

    Worm turn. Worm roll was Wayne Wong

    Lisa T Stowe vt

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