Trivia 2013 Week 7

Who shot Spider Sabich?

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5 Responses to Trivia 2013 Week 7

  1. Art Lloyd says:

    Claudine Longet (wife of singer Andy Williams) shot Spider. Remember the old SNL skit, “Spider Sabich Memorial Ski Shoot?” Bad taste, but funny!

  2. Bob Stewart says:

    Yup! Claudine Longet. I was acquainted with poor old Spyder, as he was briefly the business partner of a high school friend and skiing buddy.

  3. Richard Stibolt says:

    It was Claudine Longet (confirmed by the two above comments). We watched the great Peter Sellars movie “The Party” which she is in and my sister has a copy of over Christmas. I watched it thankfully having forgotten the above fact.

  4. Holly says:

    Yes, Andy Williams wife, Claudine. Big scandal! Poor Andy.

  5. Lyndall Heyer says:

    already been answered. Claudine Longet. Next time I will get on the internetsooner!

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