Trivia 2013 Week 17

Mount Mansfield Ski Club logoWho designed the Mount Mansfield Ski Club logo?

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  1. Mike Leach says:

    Frank Springer Miller designed the MMSC wreath logo. In the July 1950 club newsletter, the club proposed the idea of a contest (Frank’s idea) to design a new club logo,.. and Frank was the winner. This was the 5th logo/emblem since the club was founded. The club changed logos one more time when it dropped the ski pole from this logo during the 2002/03 season to better reflect its larger program (that included snowboarding).

    Frank and wife Louise worked in Public Relations posts at 1960 Olympics.

  2. norma stancliffe says:

    guess i just responded to wrong wk-let me know if received!

  3. Bob Davison says:

    53 reto points on my skiing resume. Hans Gmosher is the father of heli-skiing.



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