Trivia 2014 Week 1

Who is known as the father of heli-skiing?Helicopter Skiing

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5 Responses to Trivia 2014 Week 1

  1. Bob burley says:

    Hans Gmoser possibly the heli-ski father.
    Retro score = 57. Not a big hat fashionista – never burned a hole in carpet.

  2. Peter sakash says:

    Hans Gmoser was the father of heli-skiing. I was a 47 retro skier, only slightly above average.

  3. Bud Kassel says:

    My score was also a 40. Deems consistent with our personal backgrounds. I too assume Hans Gosmer, the CMH entrepreneur, would be considered the father of heli skiing.

  4. Don Simonds says:

    I have never been Helicopter Skiing hence I am no authority but I am a member of ISHA and read all I can of skiing history so without peering into my ISHA magazines I believe I read an article there on Hans Gmoser as an early pioneer.

  5. David Carter says:

    36 points.

    Hans Gmoser is the father of heli skiing.

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