Trivia 2014 Week 4

In 1941 the State of Vermont put out a map of ski trails on Mt Mansfield. Which of the following trails on today’s Stowe trail map is not on that 1941 map: Chin Clip, National, Nose Dive, Perry Merrill, or Smugglers?

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6 Responses to Trivia 2014 Week 4

  1. Louise Thompson says:

    I’m almost certain that the Smugglers trail did not exist in 1941.

  2. Mike Leach says:

    National did not exist in 1941. Chin Clip existed but at a different location than it is today.

  3. Holly Rainville says:

    I’m going with Perry Merrill. And on another note, I still have a Gerry down Parka! Bought it for a retro event at Loveland a few years back. I will wear it some cold day to the Mt.!

  4. Jim Pease says:

    I think Mike is right. National is the newest trail by far. Smugglers was also in a different location. You can find a copy of the map on the UVM snow stake web site

  5. Bud Kassel says:

    I go with Smugglers. National was there, but I believe it was called S-53

  6. Bud Kassel says:

    I go with Smugglers as not being a trail in 1941. I suspect National on a map may be in the S-53 location.

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