Trivia 2015 Week 15

Who takes the credit for the first two-pronged ski brake?

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  1. Cheryl Brayman says:

    Hi Greg,
    I must say that I always enjoy your column.
    Regarding two prong ski brakes. I do not know who invented them, but I had an incident at Killington with them. It was in the mid 70’s when they first came out. I had one of the first pairs. I went to get on the chairlift and was asked where my safety strap was. I informed them that I had this new kind of brake on my skis. I was not allowed on the lift. They gave me a piece of string to use, so my ski would not fall from the chair.

    The following year lots of people were using brakes and there weren’t any more incidents.

    Cheryl Brayman

  2. David Carpenter says:

    Mitch Cubberly

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