Trivia 2016 Week 4

Who invented rear-entry ski boots?

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  1. Anne Pierce says:

    Hanson. The only reason I know that is because I took the guy’s deposition many years ago in a ski accident having to do with the boot, and coincidentally, his last name was the same last name of the attorney in the case.

  2. Russ King says:

    First rear entry Ski boots

    Expect to be in Stowe Most of the Winter
    My guess HANSEN
    Greg….I have been Skiing at Stowe since about 1961 or 62 Skiing since 1938
    I am Vying for oldest on the Mountain at 86….(will be 87 in late april and hope to ski on the 22nd …My 87th ….Going for 100 ,Love to take a run with you some time.Call
    (315) 243 8570

  3. John Bevelaqua says:


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