Trivia 2016 Week 8

Which of the following ski areas did not have Stein Eriksen as head of their ski school: Boyne Mountain, Squaw Valley, or Aspen Highlands?

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  1. Martha Turek says:

    Stein Eriksen was NOT a ski school director at Squaw… Stein was a good friend of my family – My Dad came back from WW2 after being with the 10th Mt Division and opened the first Sport Shop in CT – Stein came and worked with my Dad – must have been late 50′s-60′s – Did you know he did a commercial for Schlitz Beer but after only a few spots it was pulled because he joyfully would say “Have a glass of Schlitz” BUT with his accent it came out quite derogatory if you knoe what I mean… Anyway- just a little additional trivia. He was a great man ;)

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