Trivia 2017 Week 9

In the early 1970s some of the establishments in Stowe competed for apres-ski skiers by offering free hors d’oeuvres. So this week’s trivia question is:

What did the Shed offer as a free apres-ski appetizer in the early 1970s?

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2 Responses to Trivia 2017 Week 9

  1. Pat Ostrowski says:

    The Shed served cheese fondue. They kept a big kettle of fondue along with chunks of bread right by the front door. Some more efficient apres skiers would grab a handful of bread, dump it in the fondue, use the wooden skewers to pick it out and head for the bar or a table.

  2. Leslie Lindig says:

    Peanuts in the shell. The shells would end up on the floor. If you were working the “front room”, they were all over the place.

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