Trivia 2018 Week 9

When did the Super G become an FIS World Cup event?

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  1. Lyndall P Heyer says:

    Well I had to crowd source a little to get the answer. I was racing on the womens pro tour at the time, but I remember it was early 80’s. A friend told me it was 1983 and that the first SG at the olympics was in Calgary in 1988. I checked, and the top American woman was Edith Thys in 9th. And apparently the top American male was…… Tiger Shaw in 18th.

  2. Lyndall P Heyer says:

    the head of the Canadian ski team -Ken Read- says this
    1st WC SG for men was December 1982 in Val d’Isere. won by Peter Muller. the first SG for women was in Verbier JAn 1983. Tamara Mckinney was 3rd in the first one and Cindy Nelson won the second SG the next day.
    Its nice to have connections! President and CEO of Alpine Canada from 2002-2008

  3. pete davis says:

    1st WC SG, Val d’Isere 1982

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