Trivia 2018 Week 13

Who was the founder of Fall Line ski waxes?

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  1. Pat Ostrowski says:

    I believe that Fritz Wiessner was the founder fo Fall Line ski waxes. I vaguely remember Bob Penniman talking about him when Bob was a rep for Beconta. Fall Line was one of their products.
    Wiessner was a big climber in the “Gunks” near New Paltz, NY. I “hiked” there as a teenager, but never knew him. I think he lived in Stowe later in life.
    More recently, a neighbor of ours shared a book which chronicled a lot of Wiessner’s exploits. She actually climbed there.

  2. Bill Kornrumpf says:

    Could Lewis Sussman be the man who came up with the wax formula that the F. H. Wiessner Company sold as the Fall Line wax product? I had tubes of the three colors of Fall Line wax before the last clean out of our closet.

    Is it possible the the Wiessner Woods is named for Fritz Wiessner? Not being a local, I don’t know how the Wiessner woods grant to the Stowe Land Trust came about.

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