Trivia 2019 Week 18

In 1941 the state of Vermont started charging Stowe skiers to park in the Mansfield lot. What did the state charge for parking? Bonus points for the year the state stopped charging!

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  1. Kenmore Commoss says:

    Twent five cents

  2. norma {Guthridge{ Stancliffe says:

    I counted those quarters with Brian Lindner’s grandfather when i was a little kid in the 50’s-he had a ticket booth at the entrance to the parking lot & at nite we dumped them on his roll top desk where they lived behind what is now the ticket counters at the bottom of the Mt. that use to be Henry Simineu’s office -spelled his name wrong. Their home was the now ski patrol bldg. Our parents put his bro Brian &I in a play pen there while they went skiing. They had skins hanging on the wall & a wood cook stove. When i was 8, we started raceing &i won my 1st race on North slope on the rope tow behind their house. TMI but thought you’d find interesting. Brian’s dad Irwin parked the cars with my dad in those days. Jim Sheperd had the ski shop below where we got our equip incl ft long skis when i learned to walk back in single chair days with blankets!. My dad helped Charlie Lord build the original stone hut & then they hung at my parents ski lodge! Not sure when stopped but guessing did it till 1958!

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Greg, there are some nice articles about the 25 cent parking charge back in 1941/42 (by the VT Forest Service) in the MMSC newsletters, on the club’s website. I believe the parking charge ended in 1965/66 season.

  4. Ben Brayton says:

    I moved to Stowe in the 50’s and Claude Adams was the collector – 25 cents per car. He lived on Maple Street across from the Parsonage.

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