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March 2013

Trivia 2013 Week 16

Who won the women’s slalom at the 1960 Olympics?

1960 Squaw Valley Olympics

Squaw Valley opened in 1949 making it the oldest major ski area in the Lake Tahoe region.  But this won’t be an article about the history of Squaw Valley.  In my memory Squaw Valley will be forever linked to the… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2013 Week 15

The 1960 Olympics were held at Squaw Valley which is also in the Lake Tahoe region.  What Vermonter (and eventual Stowe-ite) won a silver medal in slalom?

Heavenly Valley

My wife and I spent last week visiting friends Bob and Laurie Walker who live in Minden, Nevada. From their house it’s about a twelve mile drive to the Heavenly Valley ski area.  Of course you climb some 3000 feet… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2013 Week 14

At what ski area did singer/congressman Sonny Bono die as a result of hitting a tree?

Composite Ski Poles

A RetroSki tip-of-the-hat to the “Waterbury Moms” who had an 80’s retro-skiwear day last Friday at Stowe.  There was a lot of neon and there were a lot of one-piece ski suits.  Most of the moms looked too young to… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2013 Week 13

Who invented the first composite ski pole?

The Crooked Stick Tribe

Over President’s weekend I observed quite a few members of the Crooked Stick tribe on the slopes.  The Crooked Stick tribe is that subset of skiers whose ski poles are anything but straight.  I’m not talking about the poles used… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2013 Week 12

Who invented the tapered aluminum ski pole?

Bob Beattie

How did a Middlebury College football player become the most important figure in promoting alpine ski racing in the United States?  That football player would go on to be the coach of the U.S. Ski Team, founder of the World… Continue Reading →

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