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December 2013

Trivia 2014 Week 5

Patricia Haslam in her just-released book Ski Pioneers of Stowe, Vermont includes a historical timeline of skiing on Mount Mansfield put together by Charlie Lord in 1971. He indicates that the first down mountain ski race on Mount Mansfield was… Continue Reading →

Stowe: a Town-wide Ski Museum

Chin Clip, National, Nose Dive, Perry Merrill, and Smugglers are familiar trail names to those who ski Stowe regularly. Four out of the five names appeared on a 1941 trail map, but which one did not exist in 1941? Mike… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2014 Week 4

In 1941 the State of Vermont put out a map of ski trails on Mt Mansfield. Which of the following trails on today’s Stowe trail map is not on that 1941 map: Chin Clip, National, Nose Dive, Perry Merrill, or… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

The 1964 Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck Austria helped make Stowe’s Billy Kidd a well-known name in the United States. But that wasn’t the only US name that benefitted from the 1964 Olympic spotlight. The US contingent was outfitted in… Continue Reading →

Where You Can Find Retro-Ski, the Book!

Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping! You can find copies of Retro-Ski: A Nostalgic Look Back at Skiing at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum and Bear Pond Books in Stowe. Copies will also be available at Haymaker… Continue Reading →

Retro-Ski Book Now Available!

The big news this week is that my book is now available! I compiled some fifty of my columns from the past three years into a book called Retro-Ski: A Nostalgic Look Back at Skiing. The book is available in… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2014 Week 3

Who invented the drawstring clamp sometimes called a cord lock? You’ll find them on most parkas to adjust drawstrings. Hint: He also wrote a definitive booklet in 1967 entitled “How to Keep Warm”.

Happy Birthday, Stein!

Until Jean-Claude Killy came along, Stein Eriksen was the most recognizable and influential figure in skiing. Those of us who learned to ski in the 1950s and early 1960s tried to copy his style: skis locked together, exaggerated counter-rotation of… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2014 Week 2

What famous skier will celebrate his 86th birthday next Wednesday, December 11th?

The Father of Heli-Skiing

I was a senior in college in November, 1967.  One of my skiing buddies asked if I’d be willing to drive into Boston to see a ski movie.  I was up for anything but studying so I said sure! It… Continue Reading →

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