Trivia 2015 Week 2

What was the original name of what is now the Smugglers Notch Ski Area?

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6 Responses to Trivia 2015 Week 2

  1. Gary Tomlinson says:

    did smuggs used to be called Madona Mtn.?

  2. Rob Greene says:

    Had to be Madonna Mtn, didn’t it ?
    I guess Gary beat me to the punch but the internet is slow going all the way to Stowe from Park City, UTahhhh !
    Keep up the good work. Have a great Christmas ! Hope you get your “hundie” day season.
    Rob Greene
    Former Stowe resident

  3. Greg Morrill says:

    Madonna wasn’t the original name. Tom Watson Jr. changed the original name to Madonna when he and his brother bought the area. After the Watsons sold the area the new owners changed the name to Smugglers Notch.

  4. Greg Dirmaier says:

    Smugglers Notch Ski Ways!

  5. Tim Treadwell says:

    Wasn’t it the Jeffersonville Ski Ways. That was before I had a season pass at Madonna when I was three years old!

  6. ralph hilbert says:

    Since I only get the Reporter a week or so later than the locals, it’s tough getting the first correct answer to you. Ski area was named ” Madonna” Perhaps there should be a category with responses coming from locals and those from a distance like me. Perhaps a one week time delay in responses. I love your column. Enjoyable reading! Keep up the good work!

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