Trivia 2015 Week 3

What ski area is known for its Fountain Mountain?

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2 Responses to Trivia 2015 Week 3

  1. Bob Parrish says:

    Mount Snow!!!

    Loved their ‘bubble chairs’!

  2. John Rose says:

    The fountain was halfway between what is still, I believe, called Snow Lake Lodge and the main mountain lodge. There was a sky car that took you from the hotel to the main lodge. The fountain spewed up, and over the winter, made a larger and larger snow mound that they would open up for fun climbing, skiing, horsing around later in the winter. That fountain also became famous for one day spewing up sewage. That was the year that the Deer River “ran red” and that resulted in Vt shutting down that fountain and also introducing some of the strictest restrictions for building above certain elevations.

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