Trivia 2015 Week 6

What car did Ralph Nader label “Unsafe at Any Speed”?

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4 Responses to Trivia 2015 Week 6

  1. Hank Lunde says:

    Greg – always fun to read your weekly column!!

    Answer to this week’s question – Chevrolet Corvair

    Have a great New Year – Hank Lunde

    • Judi Pease says:

      Hi Greg,

      I remember the Corvair well as we had one. It was either a 63 or 64 – CRS!. The car had a air-cooled rear mounted engine and fumes leaked into the passenger compartment.

  2. Larry Heath says:

    The car was the Corvair, its rear engine made the car oversteer, swing-axel design used made it prone to flipping, according to Ralph Nader.
    I enjoy your column every week, thanks for your coverage of my sister Sandra’s “Slope Style” at the Vt Ski Museum.

  3. john lutz says:

    Corvair….top speed 65mph before front end starts to wander

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