Trivia 2015 Week 7

What car featured a three cylinder, two-cycle engine with only seven moving parts?

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  1. J.B. McKinley says:

    The Saab 96. Great car, but it flipped over easily.

  2. Rick Franklin says:

    That would also be a Wartburg, made in Germany in the 50’s

  3. Jack Pickett says:

    A Saab 93- the last on was made in ’68 they went to a four cylinder four cycle engine and phased out the free wheel option that was on 92 and 93. The 92 had a 2 cylinder 2 cycle engine and suicide doors. Great cars unless you forgot to add oil with the gasoline. Jack Pickett

  4. William Hays says:

    S.A.A.B. 93, also a great ice-racing car. BTW, my favorite going-to-the hill rigs were my Land Rover 109″, Porsche 911, and bottom-of-the-line Subaru (when its wheels didn’t fall off).

  5. ken duclos says:

    saab 93

  6. Richard Story says:

    Saab 93. I had a Saab 96 with the V4 sourced form Ford of Germany. Four speed stick on the column. The car had amazing traction and stability in the snow. Not exactly a paragon of reliability. We called ours Ingrid.:-)

  7. Wally Young says:

    The SAAB 93.

    Did have one and drove it in the snow. Really nice balance with the modest engine weight over the front drive wheels. The only draw back was the “Free Wheeling” when you backed off the gas, no compression to help slow you down, it was like being in neautral. Planning ahead and delicate breaking was a must.

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