Welcome to the 2015-16 RetroSki Season!

Ann Cooke Ski Clothes

(Photo courtesy of the New England Ski Museum)

Yes, I’m starting a little earlier than usual this season and Posts will be a little sparse until Thanksgiving when the ski season starts. But the big news is that I will be providing columns for the new Vermont Ski and Ride Magazine! You can pick up a free copy at various locations around the Northeast including the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum.

Their first issue includes articles about Bud Keene and Grace Potter. It also includes my Retro column on Vermont’s role in ski and snowboard fashions! Read about B. F. Moore, Nosedive Annie, C.B. Vaughan, and Poppy Gall.  http://vtskiandride.com/vermonts-original-ski-fashion-istas-tbt/

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  1. Lisa Gosselin says:

    Thanks Greg! Your column is just terrific. Each week we are also doing a “Throwback Thursday” quiz based on your column and ski history on our Facebook page.


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