Trivia 2016 Week 9

Who invented Natur-Teknik?

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3 Responses to Trivia 2016 Week 9

  1. Bob burley says:

    Walter Foeger. Jay Peak.
    Memory: his slalom courses were nightmares in the red,blue, yellow era.

  2. Bob DiMario says:

    Bob Burley was quicker on the draw than me – Walter Foeger, Jay Peak is what I remember also. One of the first, if not truly the first, “direct to parallel” teaching methods.

  3. Jack Pickett says:

    I want to say Cliff Taylor at Hogback Mt. I remember he called them shorties and you moved from 2 footers to five footers. I seem to think the GLM was still the term that Jay Peak used along with Natur Teknik. Jack Pickett

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