Trivia 2017 Week 7

Gondola Towers on Rte 16 West Ossipee, NHIf you drive up Route 16 in New Hampshire, in West Ossipee you will still see lift towers and a cable going over the road.  That used to be the gondola for what now-defunct New Hampshire ski area?

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  1. RQ says:

    Mt. Whittier!

  2. Brian Lindner says:

    It was Mt. Whittier. My wife’s family had a chalet at the base and her father was an early patroller. The chalet is still there tucked into the woods. Ann has the area’s symbols that were once on the base lodge. The NH Historical Society has 1000’s of feet of family 8mm footage of that area. It failed when the gondola terminal burned. I remember a burned out SnoCat sitting there in the 1980s. No need to include me if someone else has the answer. My father-in-law owned a huge woodlot that bordered the area.

  3. Barb Puddicombe says:

    Mount Whittier.
    Wonderful Memories of skiing the “big” places in NH. I lived 5 minutes from Blue Hills ski area outside of Boston where I learned to ski. A few times a year Dad would take me to NH where our church gave us $5 ski coupons. We also got to ski at Crotched, Onset and the really big mountain….Mt. Sunspee! These are some of the most special memories of my childhood.

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