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February 2017

Trivia 2017 Week 14

Who is the greatest American male alpine ski racer of all time? And who is the greatest American female?

Hermann Goellner

Stein Eriksen was the first to popularize doing a flip on skis. Wherever Stein was the Director of Skiing, part of his contract was a weekly event for people to see him perform his flip. However Stein never advanced his… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2017 Week 13

What is a Moebius Flip and who was the first to perform it?


What is a gelandesprung? Both Nancy Twitty and Willie White had the correct answer. It is a jump initiated by using your ski poles, usually off some natural terrain feature. In fact I’ve always heard that gelandesprung was German for… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2017 Week 12

What is a gelandesprung?

Nansen Ski Club

Have you ever skied off an actual ski jump? No, not the features that are now common in terrain parks at most ski areas, but a real ski jump. The closest ski jump to where I grew up was a… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2017 Week 11

What ski club is the oldest, continuously operating ski club in the United States?

Fred Harris

Did you know there’s a 90 meter ski jump in Vermont? And this year it celebrates its 95th anniversary! The Harris Hill Ski Jump in Brattleboro was built in 1921 and hosted its first jumping competition in February of 1922…. Continue Reading →

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