Trivia 2017 Week 12

What is a gelandesprung?

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  1. nancy twitty says:

    A “gelandi” is one way to change directions – if you can. It’s the show-off”s upgrade of a kickturn: using your poles for leverage you somehow raise both skis and turn them in the opposite direction, or try to.

    Did you see the Mad River movie last night on PBS? I skibummed there for Allen and Nancy Clark in 1953; seeing the old crew – and Charlie to boot – was grand. My first-ever race was that March – Eastern Champ. Allen managed to get me in if I raced last. He was timing at midway and said I was ahead by 3 sec, but I had no wax on for the Porcupine. Alas, but was still 3rd! Tommy Corcoran set some gates on the slalom hill to “teach me how to turn”. Think I got 8th; 6th in combined. Heady stuff!

  2. Gary Tomlinson says:

    Galundsprung, i thought was jumping with alpine gear on, but after googling it is something you do in the spring to get over a melted out waterbar.

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