Trivia 2018 Week 17

For each of the following now defunct Vermont après ski places, identify the ski area associated with it:

  1. Chez Moustache
  2. Three Green Doors
  3. Sherm’s
  4. The Blue Tooth
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2 Responses to Trivia 2018 Week 17

  1. Bob Curtis says:

    The Blue Tooth was at Sugarbush! I do not recall the others, but the Tooth was up the road from the house where I met my wife, next door to Orsinis’, now the Common Man! What a great scene in the day. We visited last year and am sad to say the “Bush” was better then, except the mountain is very nice now! Off the mountain there is not much going on…

  2. Pat Ostrowski says:

    Horst & Barbara were the best hosts of any apres ski refuge, at the Chez Moustache.
    Smugglers Notch was lucky to have them.
    The 3 Green doors was one of our favorite places for dinner in Stowe.
    You can ask my wife Lucy, about her exploits at Sherms at Jay Peak.
    The Blue Tooth at the Bush also had a location on St. Paul Street in Burlington.

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