Trivia 2019 Week 9

What ski area has the Basebox Lodge?

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3 Responses to Trivia 2019 Week 9

  1. Mike says:

    Mad River

  2. Marc Yakubosky says:

    Easy one! Mad River Glen.

  3. carl wrighton says:

    Hi Greg, Was hoping you would be interested in checking out the book Erling Strom wrote, “Pioneers on skis”. He writes about Stowe, and the Stowe Derby, on pages 216-217. Many years ago I asked Sepp Ruschp’s son, Peter, about the challenge from Mr. Strom to his father. Peter told me he wasn’t aware of any specific challenge. He also said that he knew in that time period most older skiers grew up in a nordic ski environment that evolved into the alpine mode. Peter also told me that if there had been a challenge Mr. Strom would likely not been aware of his father’s winning of the Austrian Junior Championships at a time when jumping and nordic were still the major part of competition. I look forward to hearing back your take on Strom’s book. Thank you. I miss seeing you all on the Mt. Sincerely, Carl

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